Virtual Event | May 11-13 2021

Since the last City of the Future, the world has drastically changed.

We have learned the true measure of strength in our communities—and that we each have a part to play in transforming them.

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Climate-ready, equitable cities are key to unlocking a more empowered, sustainable world. As a city comprised of driven and compassionate leaders, San Antonio is the perfect place to reflect, share, and celebrate the collaboration between community and industry for 2021’s City of the Future. The future is now and we’re ready for it.

This conference will focus on:

Further defining models for a City of the Future

Technologies that can create platforms for cities and citizens

The confluence of ecological and economic responsibility

Responsible and efficient ways to utilize data

The city’s plans for electrifying transit and mobility

Best practices for creating programs that create equity, access, and opportunity

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