Sree Pulapaka

Chief Information Officer and Vice President
San Antonio Water System (SAWS)

Sree Pulapaka is the Chief Information Officer and Vice President at San Antonio Water System (SAWS) where he oversees technology strategy and operations to provide innovative, reliable and secure technology solutions to the water system of America’s 7th largest city. He is responsible for enterprise solutions, application support, technology budget, program and vendor management, GIS, SCADA, Cyber security and IT Infrastructure. He was named as the top 25 doers, dreamers and drivers for 2018 in IT by the GOVTECH magazine.

Prior to joining SAWS, Sree had a successful track record of managing complex information technology programs across a number of sectors including: aviation, healthcare, telecommunications and water and wastewater in government and private sectors. He earned his Master of Science in engineering from Texas Tech University.