Shay Bahramirad

Vice President, Engineering & Smart Grid

Dr. Shay Bahramirad serves as a strategic business leader at ComEd, the electric utility serving northern Illinois, including Chicago. She drives the company’s efforts to visualize and implement the 21st century power grid transformation and the new energy economy. She is responsible for ComEd’s vision of the grid of the future and communities of the future, system reliability, engineering and planning. Bahramirad also develops frameworks for emerging technology roadmaps and investment strategies to enable higher levels of resilience, sustainability and equitable economic development. To achieve this, she is driving an effort to reskill ComEd’s existing workforce to prepare for new challenges and possibilities. Bahramirad is an editorial board member of Electricity Journal, a professor at the Illinois Institute of Technology and the IEEE/PES Vice President of New Initiatives and Outreach, overseeing the organization’s engagement with policymakers globally, and developing strategies for next generation of standards and frameworks, including smart cities.