Jonathan Quarles

Founder & CEO
SolAir Water Inc

Jonathan Quarles is a strategic leader, visionary and change maker. A serial entrepreneur, he started his first business as the top-selling paperboy in the neighborhood at the age of 8. Twenty-nine years later, Jonathan has started and grown more than 10 businesses, ranging from a design custom T-Shirt business to creative printing company. He is an avid angel investor, setting his sights particularly on innovative value-add companies.

Jonathan infused his passions for entrepreneurship and service with his business acumen and operational effectiveness to establish The BTL Group. As Founder and CEO, he helped transform both private and public sector organizations through the elevation of their financial and social impacts. One of the country’s most well-known connectors, Jonathan has developed and managed strategic partnerships for multi-billion-dollar corporations and social impact organizations alike, while also positioning them for sustainable growth. He has driven more than $20 million in net new revenue and raised more than $200 million for not-for-profits, earning him a place as one of the most sought-after advisors for securing local, state and federal funding and identifying revenue growth opportunities for high-growth innovative companies.

Through his interactions with government officials, advocacy experts, scholars, and diplomats, Jonathan has successfully gained public diplomacy skills, while serving as a spokesperson for the United States of America. In 2018, Jonathan developed a strategic partnership with Meridian International (U.S. State Department Program) to form ENVEST (Entrepreneurs Investing In Change). ENVEST benefits marginalized populations, targeting women and youth in developing and global emerging markets. Local aspiring and established entrepreneurs are equipped with tools to train remote communities in business and financial fundamentals. ENVEST works directly with local entrepreneurial experts and their communities to build customized programs to help with the launch and growth of their companies.

As a native of Flint, Michigan, Jonathan took a personal interest in the water contamination crisis plaguing his hometown. In response, he took it upon himself to craft a solution, founding SolAir Water Inc., a premium water cultivated from the latest in innovative technologies. Jonathan chose SOURCE, a solar-powered drinking water solution, as SolAir’s water supplier. He
recognized the value of SOURCE’s first-of-its-kind renewable water technology that harvests water solely from sunlight and fresh air. No electricity and no pipes. It’s a solution that puts water quality ahead of all else, while offsetting harmful CO2 within our environment.

Jonathan started SolAir to bring fresh water to the city’s residents and provide much-needed jobs, while also bringing about a positive environmental impact and a recurring source of funding for water improvement. With a goal to help fund life-changing water projects within the community, Jonathan designed SolAir to provide a revenue share earmarked for a dedicated Flint Water Fund that will support a variety of water related projects for Flint residents.

Jonathan’s life mission is to eradicate poverty by empowering business ownership and collective economics.