Hugh Miller

Head of Innovation & Strategy

Hugh Miller has over 25 years of experience as an information technology (IT) leader and is widely recognized in the IT industry (Computerworld Premier 100 IT Leader & Tech Titan – Top Tech Executive). He has held senior leadership positions in several industries, including technology startups, dotcom, insurance, utility, higher ed, and government. Most recently he was the Chief Information Officer (CIO) for the City of Dallas (9th largest in the U.S.), where he was asked to overhaul the IT department and bring creative and innovative leadership to the City. His approach was to build an environment of transition while modernizing the organization. Previously, Hugh served as the CIO and CTO for the City of San Antonio (7th largest in the U.S.) for 13 years, where just one of the accolades he earned was San Antonio IT Leader of the Year. In San Antonio he was innovation leader for the city’s government and implemented many innovative Smart City initiatives, including various Internet-of-Things (IoT) solutions. Hugh has also been a consultant to several organizations over the last three years including the City of Austin (11th largest in the U.S.) and New Orleans Convention Center.

Hugh brings an innovative approach to technology and business solutions. One of his recent passions is to use technology to create impactful solutions in communities. He has been working on redefining the term ‘Smart Cities’ into ‘Communities on the RISE’. RISE encompasses a broader suite of impact in our communities by looking at four important areas…Resiliency, Innovation, Sustainability, and Equitability. As we look at projects to help our communities these areas encompass a more wholistic approach of impact that details the economic and social aspects of these initiatives.