Fred Bonewell

Chief Security, Safety & Gas Solutions Officer
CPS Energy

Fred Bonewell is Chief Security, Safety & Gas Solutions Officer (CSSGS) for CPS Energy.

As Chief Security, Safety & Gas Solutions Officer, Fred oversees all of CPS Energy’s Enterprise & Public Safety, Cyber & Physical Security, Fleet Operations, Business Continuity, Labor Relations, and Gas Delivery Operations.

Fred provides leadership and direction to a diversified team of safety and occupational health professionals providing expert advice to mitigate and reduce risk to enable our 3,200 union and non-union employees to work
in a safe manner. Through a behavior-based safety program, the company continues to experience a reduction in employee accidents through the promotion of safety awareness. A similar approach is being implemented externally to encourage safety among contractors as well as customers.
Fred has more than 30 years of leadership experience and has developed and implemented behavioral-based safety programs along with job safety analysis methods and improved risk evaluation in multiple companies.

Fred joined CPS Energy in 2015 where he built an enterprise safety plan around “Zero Harm” that focuses on a culture of actively caring and accountability of safety for all. Hesurveyed the recent history of incidents and systematically removed casual factors to drive safety improvements. From there he built a behavioral based safety program to get everyone involved in safety and to promote the concept of “watching each other’s backs,” which includes safety stand-ups to re-engage the entire work force after time away from the office during the holidays.

Prior to coming to San Antonio, Fred spent 16 years at LG&E Energy establishing a safety department and improving their safety performance by 60%. There he developed strong relationships with union leadership, recognizing the connection to safe work. After that he spent 10 years at Florida Power & Light. Under his leadership of the safety and labor relations teams the company achieved the “Best Safety Program in the Southeastern Electric Exchange” award. From there, Fred spent time with several companies making significant impacts to their safety.

In addition to his role at CPS Energy, Fred sits on the Board of San Antonio Youth Literacy.

Fred has been recognized by the National Safety Council with the Distinguished Service in Safety award and with the San Antonio Business Journal’s C-Suite award in 2017.

Fred is a graduate of Indiana State University where he earned a bachelor’s in safety and
environmental management and was a four-year letterman and captain of the golf team.