Edward Yim

Policy Advisor, Energy Administration
Department of Energy and Environment

Edward P. Yim is Energy Policy Advisor for the District of Columbia’s Department of Energy and Environment. In this role, he develops decarbonization and resilience strategies, and advises on issues concerning energy system transition.  He performs research and planning, and develops initiatives and projects to help achieve the Department’s deep decarbonization goals. He led the effort to develop the District’s grid modernization roadmap as well as the District’s climate and energy plan, called Clean Energy DC, which formed the basis of the District’s Clean Energy DC Omnibus Amendment Act.  Currently he is leading a team developing the District’s Strategic Electrification Roadmap, funded by US DOE.  He is also working to develop a Net Zero Energy Neighborhood pilot as well as a solar plus storage residential microgrid pilot.  His background includes energy law and architecture, and he is a certified Passive House consultant.