Monthly Series Begins May 26, 2021

Since the last City of the Future, both Texas and the world have drastically changed.

We have learned the true measure of strength in our communities—and that we each have a part to play in transforming them.

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People have endured great pain, and from that, lessons are being learned. As systems, institutions, supply chains, and even culture are being reassessed to better protect and deliver for people first, there are opportunities to heal and build. 

Now with the City of the Future virtual monthly series, we hope to create a platform for collaborative sharing of ideas and lessons learned so our cities and systems can be built for preparedness and equity.

This series will focus on:

Further defining models for a City of the Future

Technologies that can create platforms for cities and citizens

The confluence of ecological and economic responsibility

Responsible and efficient ways to utilize data

The city’s plans for electrifying transit and mobility

Best practices for creating programs that create equity, access, and opportunity

Monthly Series Dates

May 26th | June 30th | July 28th | August 25th | Sept 29th | Oct 27th | Nov 17th | Dec 15th

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