City of the Future was announced by Zpryme in 2018 with the realization that today, more than ever, people have an unprecedented ability to create the future, lives, and communities we want to live in or call home. Not technology, policy, or global corporations. People.

What makes a city and what will the cities of the future look like? At the center of the city narrative are people. As people go, so do cities. And what are the fundamental needs of people? A place to call home with people we love. Work that provides fulfillment and a sense of self/contribution to the greater whole. Amenities that ensure we are safe, secure and healthy. Good food and a sense of wellness that is beyond measure. We now live in a time when all these needs can be provided, managed and enhanced through the technology that we develop to serve our needs. But we need to be conscious about maintaining the uniqueness of every city, even as the technology that we utilize is universal. Through a series of conversations, presentations, demonstrations, videos and tours, the City of The Future will be brought to life like it has never be brought before now.